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The brand, with a purely female target, refined and with a high image in the cosmetics market, boasts a high reputation and is recognized on the market as a symbol of quality and safety. Clinians represents the Company's entry into the high-end cosmetics sector, mainly in the Mass Market channel and, to a lesser extent, in perfumery . Clinians therefore completes the offer of the Company, now present with its products in significant market segments.

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Clinians Refreshing Face...

For normal or combination skin, daily cleanser, removes makeup and impurities, refreshes. With Aloe Vera juice Format: 150ml

Price €5.10

Clinians Cleansing Gel...

Multi-action 2 in 1 product to be used as a facial cleanser and face mask. With Vitamin C + AHA complex Format: 150ml

Price €3.99