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Collistar Rebalancing Treatment Anti-dandruff Shampoo 200ML

Collistar Rebalancing Anti-Dandruff Treatment

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Anti-dandruff kit for men

The Set includes: Scrub 50ML + Shampoo 200ML

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Collistar Rebalancing Treatment Anti-dandruff Shampoo 2 types 200ML - Characterized by excessive peeling, often associated with itching and irritation, dandruff is a condition of the scalp caused by an imbalance of the skin microbial flora and by the excessive proliferation of a yeast, Malassezia Furfur. The Collistar solution? An innovative two-phase treatment effective for all types of dandruff. A new way of dealing with the problem with two complementary specialties: Anti-Dandruff Rebalancing Scrub and Anti-Dandruff Rebalancing Shampoo. Phase 1 REBALANCING ANTI-DANDRUFF SCRUB healthy skin Healthy skin is the indispensable prerequisite for healthy, strong, shiny and dandruff-free hair. Specially designed as a complement of Dandruff Rebalancing Shampoo, this innovative specialty is a precious health and beauty treatment for scalp and hair. Formulated by combining special natural and biodegradable exfoliating microgranules with purifying and anti-dandruff active ingredients, it acts on several fronts. • Optimizes the benefits of Dandruff Rebalancing Shampoo helping to eliminate dandruff and prevent its reappearance. • Removes scales of dandruff, impurities, toxins and dead cells by purifying the skin and hair. • Stimulates microcirculation by oxygenating and revitalizing the scalp. • Rebalances the hydrolipidic skin coat. Phase 2 REBALANCING ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO all types of dandruff Effectiveness and rapidity of action, but also extreme delicacy. These are the objectives fully achieved by Collistar Research with the creation of Trico-pure®, an unprecedented complex that combines antimicrobial, dermo-purifying and sebum-regulating agents with plant extracts and dermo-soothing substances that ensure immediate comfort to the scalp. The extraordinary efficacy and high tolerability of Dandruff Rebalancing Shampoo arise from the combination of Trico-Pure® with selected ultra-gentle cleansing agents that respect the balance of the scalp and the fragile structure of hair afflicted with dandruff. In this way the product is able to perform 6 different actions: 1. eliminates visible dandruff 2. purifies the hair making it immediately brighter, healthier and more vital 3. soothes the scalp by calming itching and irritation 4. actively prevents the formation of dandruff thanks to the presence of specific active ingredients capable of controlling the proliferation of Malassezia furfur 5. restores the physiological hydrolipidic skin balance by normalizing the excessive production of sebum 6. regulates the flaking with a targeted keratolytic and exfoliating action.


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