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Geomar Draining Bandages Kit

against cellulite blemishes with TRIS OF SALTS (Marine, Epsom and from the Dead Sea) Package contents: 3 bags of concentrated saline solution + 1 Cartene trousers + 2 reusable bandages

Price €14.60

Leocrema Seaweed Mud

Firming mud with Marine Algae (Laminaria Alga, Fucus Alga and Red Alga), with well-known draining properties. Format: 650G

Price €10.30

Collistar Slimming Draining...

Washable and reusable - immediate and progressive effectiveness Reviews THE KIT CONTAINS: 1 "open and close" bag containing 2 bandages already soaked and ready to use, washable and reusable up to 10 times each - 1 single-dose refill bag of 100 ml of Slimming Draining Solution for another session...

Price €30.50